My Bedroom  Walking into my new unknown room that I am supposed to call home now, my only sense of identity are the boxes. Feeling of emptiness as i’m struggling to find meaning in my new room as it holds no memories.  Trying to take in my surroundings but the dirty windows are making it […]

As humans when we try to succeed we often suffer from hurtful words, judgements, injury’s however this should give us strength to strive for where we want to be and how we plan on getting there. This is shown in my connection ” Characters who gain strength from adversity” The texts: “Dreamer” directed by John […]

Techniques: Symbolism – Mountain, rope, voice                                                                                                    […]

Significant Connections 1.8 PLANNING Possible theme: Characters who gain strength from adversity Possible texts: Pursuit Of Happiness, Dreamer, if i stay, flicka, me before you, champion, the blind side, a sunday horse,wonder, coming back stronger,rudy,billy elliot texts: Pursuit of happyness, coming back stronger, dreamer,   Dreamer: the main character in the Movie Dreamer is Cale […]

“Touching the Void” Reflections Touching The Void was written to convey the message of a once in a lifetime near death experience from both Simon’s and Joe’s perspective and to express the emotions and feelings both Simon and Joe were feeling. They presented the text in a way you could connect with the book and […]

`”Outside the comfort zone” Who am I doing : Food for Love ( Louise Carney)   Intro: “we can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone”. Today I am going to be talking to you about Louise Carney and the Facebook page Food For Love that she created. The points I will be talking about are […]

Problems Joe and Simon faced trying to get down the mountain in “The Final Choice – Chapter 6″ is that Simon had serve frostbite leading to it being impossible to grip the rope when lowering Joe. ” Its just the lowering. They really freeze up when I’m lowering”. Simon and Joe had lost visibility of […]

state your point/topic (first sentence) e.g Simon’s narration is significant in “disaster chapter 5” Expand with relevant background detail. e.g Simon’s narration is told through Joes perspective however Simon validated Joe’s account as “fair and correct”. Simon’s “voice” reveals that he resented Joe’s injury and that he left justified in distancing himself from Joe. Examples(specific) e.g The […]

1.  Simon and Joe have a relationship in chapter 2 that is very dependant on each other because they become apart of a team and not an individual anymore so when something goes wrong it is up to them to get them to safe ground  as a team safely. They rely on each other by encouraging […]

“the dreamers of the day are dangerous are men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible”                   What do you think these lines mean to you?                                  […]