15th October 2018

Creative Writing

My Bedroom 

Walking into my new unknown room that I am supposed to call home now, my only sense of identity are the boxes. Feeling of emptiness as i’m struggling to find meaning in my new room as it holds no memories.  Trying to take in my surroundings but the dirty windows are making it difficult while outside the window the dead dry grass cries out for water  looking unwanted. Earthy colours outside struggle to bring happiness to the house. Looking over the old damaged fence are enormous pine trees that sway in the wind. Constant squeaking from the gate as it weeps for oil and  is being overtaken by Birds singing away the same song they sing everyday. Dancing around my new room with enough space to never stop, Stumbling to the floor breathing in that new carpet smell. Many imperfections in the wall that are unidentified to me almost like scars each one tells its own story, a story I will never know. Bit by bit nails, screws and a hammer piece my bed together just like piecing together a puzzle. Ripping of the tape as I scrummage through the boxes, to find my belongings. My new journey starts here.

Running into my room leaping for the bed, this is what I call home ribbons on the wall, clothes on the floor all my furniture makes my room feel homely. Feeling of happiness as all my memories race through my mind vividly. Newly cleaned windows glare in the sunlight and out the window vibrant bright green grass soaks in the water from the sprinkler. Blooming flowers bring joy to the house. Glancing over the stained red revived fence, snow glistens on the mountain tops the only vision of neighbours are the roofs of houses. Recently oiled gate sways from left to right making minimal noise while working dogs bark in sequence silencing out the birds songs. Attempting to twirl, jump and create my own dance as I knock my bed and stumble over my sneakers. Unpleasant aroma as mud is ingrained on the surface of the aged carpet. Paintings on the wall cover the imperfections as I establish new ones. My bed still stands on 4 feet creaking a little more each day while bright lime green and pink duvet brings warmth to my room. The speaker sings a tune to me as I hum along. My journey only continues from here as I continue to make new memories everyday.

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  1. There are some engaging images presented across two different timeframes here, Maggie – Well done. Read through this writing out loud to ensure that the sentence structures are accurate (watch your punctuation use in places :)) You may also wish to vary your syntax (sentence structures), causing some sentences to flow together and others to be separated – this would create some effective links or breaks. Lastly, watch any unnecessary repetition of vocabulary (“I”) or sentence starters (“the”). All the best for your final submission today.


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