23rd February 2018

Tempting Fate- Chapter 2

1.  Simon and Joe have a relationship in chapter 2 that is very dependant on each other because they become apart of a team and not an individual anymore so when something goes wrong it is up to them to get them to safe ground  as a team safely. They rely on each other by encouraging when needed they were two minds that thought alike. a quote that supports this is when Simon said “I shall go first then? knowing he had me at a disadvantage.”  This supports my  answer as it shows how Joe is dependant of Simon to watch his step and get him to the top safely.

2. The environment of this climb is very dangerous as it’s a steep ice wall as its described in the book. “planting his ice axe firmly into the steep ice wall above”. The climb requires the men to concentrate on what they are doing cause one wrong step could lead to a very dangerous and upset situation. ” head down, keep looking at your feet, swing, swing, hop, look at your feet, no effort, no headache, feeling on top of the world.” Joe and Simon learn to relax to all the situations thrown at them when they were climbing and they soon got the flow of it.

3. In this part of the text it is important because the reader can relate to working in a team like experience and rely on others company and becoming very dependant on each other. The text becomes very intense and things start to go wrong it engages you into the text and makes you want to read more. This also shows in this piece of text how Simon and Joe are very close and trust each other very much. At times they worry about getting themselves out safe but are always looking out for the other team-mate, They conquer the situations together and doing this they become a stronger partnership. The language techniques or features that have been used to engage and help the readers relate to the situations they are in are words like terrible, fear, damaged, struggle, horrified which makes the reader experience the situations they are experiencing in the text. The words bring emotion to the text and makes the reader relate to the experiences. 

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