Problems Joe and Simon faced trying to get down the mountain in “The Final Choice – Chapter 6″ is that Simon had serve frostbite leading to it being impossible to grip the rope when lowering Joe. ” Its just the lowering. They really freeze up when I’m lowering”. Simon and Joe had lost visibility of where they were going as they couldn’t see anything and it was getting steeper all they could see was the swirling clouds of visibility whipping down. ” I can’t see down there” “it does get steeper but I can’t see whats causing it”. Also they are climbing in bad weather conditions which is causing avalanches which does not help them and makes it an unsafe environment. “he reached me as another avalanche swept over us. We both ducked. That one nearly knocked me off!”

Joe creates the tension again when he is lowered over the cliff in “The Final Choice – Chapter 6”  when Joe loses sight of Simon and the speed increases when he is getting lowered almost like Simon had lost control of the rope. Joe starts to panic as he is hanging of an edge and cannot see Simon or hear him. Joe uses the language technique emotive language in these pages as it helps create an image in our head but also helps us to understand the experience he is going through it also helps us become apart of the book because those words have an individual meaning to them for each and every single one of us, the words become powerful and bring meaning to the book when they use emotive language these words could have both very different meanings to both Simon and Joe. Words such as hurt, blame, struggled, screamed, cry, all these words bring emotional experience back and memories come floating back they instantly have an effect on the reader.

Simon has to cut the rope due to multiple reasons such as if Simon hadn’t made the decisions to cut the rope Joe would have pulled Simon straight off the mountain due to Simon not being able to hold Joe’s weight anymore which could have led to Simon’s death. ” i couldn’t hold the weight much longer”. it is important that Simons perspective is included in the text because its important to note to the readers that Simon had valid reasons to cut the rope and that there was no other  choice for Simon at that point.



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  1. Maggie, well done for outlining the events that create rising tension in this section of the text. Remember to read through your answers to ensure that your expression/meaning is clear.
    * I am pleased with the specific supportive evidence that you have included in your answers.

    Ensure that you clarify some of the points you are making: “become powerful and bring meaning to the book” – what do you mean by “powerful” and “bring meaning”? Also, when you state: “bring emotional experience back and memories” what experiences or memories are you referring to? 🙂


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