1. “the dreamers of the day are dangerous are men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible”                   What do you think these lines mean to you?                                                                                                                              These lines mean that the dreamers of the day are dangerous because they are the ones that are achieving their dreams and making them reality without considering the outcomes or the consequences that come with the success.
  2. Joe explains how he feels about being in the mountains in the opening pages of the book.                                                           what is your initial impression of Joe Simpson? Explain, including supportive quotations where appropriate.                               My initial impression of Joe Simpson was that he envies Simon and his carefree take it as it comes attitude. Joe was a mountaineer and Joe had been to many other places like Scotland, French alps the Karakoram and he describes it to always being the same. 
  3. What do these lines tell you about Simon and his relationship with Joe?                                                                                        The relationship between Joe and Simon is an easy-going friendship were they are very similar in ways they both enjoy mountaineering and they enjoy each others company. Simon was described as a trustworthy friend which is easy to relate to for us humans as we enjoy having company that is reliable and trustworthy in situations. He was a little bit crazy and ready to take risks like Joe. It is quoted in the text “He was an easy friend: dependable, sincere, ready to see life as a joke… a touch of madness that makes just a few people so special.”
  4. What do these lines tell you about Richard and how Joe and Simon view him?                                                                        Richard is viewed in the text as someone Joe and Simon meet in a sleazy hotel and they invite him to join them. Richard was viewed to them as an inexperienced mountaineer. He was viewed as being lonely as his travelling companion was shot dead. He was viewed to be a guy who takes life as it comes and see where it takes him as it is stated in the text “Usually he travelled alone to see where the chance encounters in alien countries would take him.”   
  5. Why would the men’s distance far away from the nearest village cause them problems when something in their climb goes wrong?                                                                                                                                                                                             Because if something was to go wrong to get to the closet village is 28 miles of “rough walking” when talking about rough walking in clear weather it obviously is difficult so if the weather was to come in it would make it dangerous and risky to get to a village making them have to stay stationary where they are. It states this is the book when Joe says ” We were in the middle of the cordillera Huayhuash, in the Peruvian Andes, separated from the nearest village by twenty-eight miles of rough walking. If they were to hurt themselves they would have to keep walking to the nearest village and it could be a potential risk to hurt themselves if it is rough walking which makes this a risk.
  6. How would do this help the men in their mountaineering?                                                                                                          This would help them in mountaineering to accomplish their dreams and its a good way to support others and it is constantly reminding you that you “can do it” this is easy to relate to for us humans because if someone was to tell you could do it you would believe them and not doubt yourself and you would keep going, just like they did in the book. This helps you recall what the outcome will be like if you achieve and with us being human beings everyone loves success.                                                                   

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