“Touching the Void” Reflections

Touching The Void was written to convey the message of a once in a lifetime near death experience from both Simon’s and Joe’s perspective and to express the emotions and feelings both Simon and Joe were feeling. They presented the text in a way you could connect with the book and understand the problems that were faced with. this shows us in life the way 2 people have to work in a team to survive and how they have to rely on each other, this is important to note in the book as Simon is soon faced with a big decision of saving himself or try help joe in this situation Simon remembered that he should get him self out of the situation first before trying to help or save someone else. this teaches us in life that nothing is impossible and that we should never give up on life this is what joe did he never gave up as much as he wanted to he never did and he has now made it out alive today. it teaches us that sometimes we have to make decisions that we don’t like but just have to live with. 

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