16th February 2018

What has been included

What images are presented in the text?

In the text “Touching The Void” by Joe Simpson, images were presented in the text which gives us evidence that it was a cold night due to him having blackened fingertips which is related to frost bite and not being able to fiddle with the small keys to the petrol stove which leads onto the fact that he must be camping due to the image given because he has a petrol stove to cook on. It gives a image of them being tourist or visitors due to one of them having to renew there visa. The image voracious appetite gives is that he is starving which means they have not ate in a while which could mean they have got in trouble or something has gone wrong before because they have not, had time to eat or have not found a place to rest or sit down it also arrises a picture that he could possibly be injured due to having a loss of appetite and not wanting to eat. In the text they describe that they gazed over at the icy white sweep of Sarapo which means there must be landscapes around them or there on a mountain or a hill to be able to see it clearly and that Sarapo must be a place because it has a capital letter in the text.

What specific vocabulary has been chosen to add meaning to the text?

in the text one example of specific vocabulary used is “deep tiredness”  he uses this to explain that they are not just tired but they are very tired were it is hard to recover from meaning it is difficult to keep running on low energy.

in the text another word that is used is  “face the music” they use this to explain they need to face up to something which puts ideas into your head that they are in trouble or have done something that could have consequences and they do not want to face the people, place or thing.

they use the words “unrelenting presence” in the text to describe the atmosphere they were in it shows that there was a uncomfortable presence in the room which made him feel trapped in his feelings and thoughts. The thought of leaving made him feel free but he felt trapped in his thoughts at the same time.



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